The major carpet manufacturers have introduced carpeting with an improved stain resisting treatment. The most popular know treatment is "Stainmaster™" by Dupont.

Obviously, there was a concern as to what effect this treatment would have on the need for shampooing. If stains are so easily removed, as claimed, perhaps shampooing would no longer be required as frequently as in the past.

However, it was soon determined that the opposite was true. Regular vacuuming and shampooing are even more important, and the results more dramatic than ever before.

To understand why, it is necessary to explain the treatment. Stainmaster™, or its equivalent, is a coating on the carpet fiber similar to a protective coating of varnish on furniture. Just as varnish protects the wood and does not allow stains to penetrate, so does Stainmaster™.

But  just as with furniture, dust, grease, grime and other foreign material accumulate on and in the carpet, and must be removed. The Stainmaster™ treatment reduced the ability to permanently discolor the carpet fibers, but the dirt can abrade the treatment and wear it away;  hence the need to regularly, and frequently, vacuum and shampoo Stainmaster™ carpeting.

As it turns out, the results of shampooing are even more dramatic. The original color returns to a greater degree because the Stainmaster™ treatment limits permanent adhesion of the grease and grime to the carpet fiber.

DuPont states that Stainmaster™ carpeting must not be exposed to temperatures above 160 degrees F. Steam cleaning could ruin the treatment. Dry  Foam shampooing won't... Another reason to choose Pro Floor Care.

Stainmaster is a registered trademark of the Dupont Corporation.

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